The band name SUNTEARS may sound confusing. But it was exactly the contradiction thatexists between the words “sun” and “tears” which instantly appealed to the brothers Andy and Marcus Fechner. Of course, the question can be posed as to what is actually meant by this unusual word combination. “The sun stands for warmth and light – in a nutshell, life. The tears aren’t necessarily tears of pain. They could also be tears of joy or emotion. We want to capture moments like these in our music, moments which are worth living for.” And this is just how the songs sound: warm, lively and melodic, tempered with a touch of melancholy that makes SUNTEARS complete.

Through SUNTEARS, a long cherished wish is being fulfilled for the two brothers, who were responsible for the songwriting in their band eleVate. “We always had a lot of songs in the bottom drawer which either didn’t quite fit eleVate’s rocky sound or were just completely way out.” Songs like these are more personal and belonged more in the singer songwriter genre. These compositions mainly came about using traditional instruments such as acoustic guitar or piano. It was only during recording that bass, drums, electric guitar and various plucked instruments came to be used. “We don’t want to limit ourselves musically but a tonal authenticity is definitely a priority. As the studio work was less of a solo project and more of a band project, we went for SUNTEARS as a proper band name straight away, as opposed to using our own personal names.”
With the songs of SUNTEARS, Andy and Marcus Fechner have opened a new chapter of their musical creativity.